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Al-Zawahed Marketing Organization tweets to others outside the flock to create a marketing plan as a window for success in achieving its goals aimed at satisfying its customers to choose the best ways to market products and services and to bear all the burdens to reach the desired goals and that does not come except through the development of plans, proposals, renewed and good ideas, optimal promotion and distribution by modern methods and development Basic concepts in finding the right market for products and services Continuous work and thinking on developing new strategies, introducing innovation and diversification, finding the best means to carry out various activities and working to reduce risks, market problems, threats, dangers and fluctuations.

Our vision

Marketing plays a decisive role in achieving the set goals, which leads to identifying the ingredients for growth and determines the nature of products and services requested by customers and explains the necessary procedures required to obtain renewed business deals and shows the competitive advantage enjoyed by Al-Zawahed Marketing Corporation and includes all marketing activities by following the rules of thinking in developing concepts According to the market need, achieving the objectives and clarifying the most effective activities to be implemented

Our Message

Marketing means Distribution is one of the most important components of the marketing plan, and since we own a fleet of all dry and cooled products and medicines, which facilitates the process of communication between us and the customer, and other means are print, radio and television advertising, direct marketing, electronic marketing and other means that help in the spread and marketing of the product

Our Mission

The Foundation allows to review its plans in light of developments, new opportunities and urgent problems. The presence of a flexible, adjustable marketing plan enables the organization to respond to changes more quickly according to the time schedule prepared for this, and we can determine and evaluate results with the customer and how to monitor and evaluate the marketing plan for his products by determining success criteria by monitoring the progress of work during the agreed period.

Why your Business needs Marketing?

Marketing Informs
Marketing Sustains
Marketing Equalizes
Marketing Engages

On a base level, marketing educates the customer or potential customer. You knowing your products is great, and needed, however, if your customer doesn’t understand what you’re selling then that information is pointless. Marketing informs.  In order to buy into something, customers need to have a good understanding of what it does and how it works. It has been said that marketing is the most effective way to communicate your value proposition to your customers in an interesting way. Informing customers is a form of marketing.

Crowd Favourite made an interesting point in an article quite some time ago, saying that “Marketing is more like food than it is medicine.”  Marketing is not meant to be a quick fix for all of a company’s problems, marketing is meant to sustain a company’s presence. It’s something that businesses need to invest in, cultivate, and work at every day so that they can be sustained and have longevity. Marketing creates long-lasting customer relationships that help the business flourish and grow. 

Marketing evens the playing field. For small to medium-sized businesses, marketing can help even the playing field with big name competitors. With information age among us and the power of web presence and social media, small to medium-sized businesses do have the ability to compete with large retailers like never before. Some would even say, small to medium-sized businesses have an advantage, as they have the ability to build meaningful customer relationships, which every customer desires. Modern customers have been known to value experience over pricing. Effective marketing evens the playing field to make small businesses successful. 

Customer engagement is key for successful small to medium-sized businesses. It allows you to communicate your message and engage customers and potential customers through a number of mediums. Instead of having to get people to come to your store, as has been the case in years past, you can engage people over multiple platforms now through e-commerce, social media, and so on. Marketing gets and keeps customers engaged, beyond store hours. Marketing is about building a brand and then nurturing a customer relationship with that brand. 

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