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Al Zawahed IT solution focuses on information security
and business continuity by providing solutions that suit
each client’s specific needs.

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Specialization in the area of our work to provide the best of services and punctuality in the timing of delivery

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Lunch Trendy Department

IT Solutions and Marketing

Al-Zawahid Foundation has always developed and searched for everything new and useful for society and the business sector, so we recently launched the marketing departments at others and providing IT solutions


Constructions and Custom clearance

After we covered the transportation and security needs of others, we developed our organization to contain customs clearance and contracting, so we worked to establish a specialized team to carry out these two jobs with high quality and mastery.


Security Guard Services and Transportation

We began to equip, train and search for qualified and conscious youth who we can train and employ to maintain the security and safety of society

What We are Doing

Security Guards
Freight & Logistics
Custom Clearance

Desktop, Laptop, Mobile devices
Servers All Brands & Models , Storage and Network Systems
VoIP Phone System
Email, Database, Web, and Mobile Systems
Access Control and Security Systems
Operating Systems & Productivity Software Publishing
ERP ,Database, Storage & Backup Software Publishing
Business Analytics & Enterprise Software
Video Game Software
Design, Editing & Rendering Software

Protection and guard.
Check parking and internal squares.
Check doors and Windows and seal.
Examination of any protection tools.
Inspection tools warning.
Check power sources and security reserve.
Guarded and secure screening deficiencies where necessary.
And to monitor the security guards and unit questions traditional famous
( When where how and why ) In every visit to the facility

Chirps alzawahed Marketing Corporation to third parties outside the flock create marketing plan as a window
for success in achieving their objectives aimed at pleasing its customers to choose the best products for marketed to bear all the burden to reach the desired goals and that comes only through good product, competitive
price and promotion optimization and distribution of modern methods in work fundamental concepts in
finding the appropriate market for the product and a good marketing plan to create integrated management

A Saudi Corporation alzawahed Corporation 100% Saudi capital – managed by Saudi youths with high
efficiency of their customer service, innovation and the development of road transport and promotion 00
Alzawahed Foundation of all transport services the radiator, frozen, dry and logistics services for customers
in all cities

to keen serve our customers and provide the best of our services and need to contact us at work and we
will find the fastest completion of customs clearance transactions this requires us Web site (Internet) until we serve our customers and strive to provide the best services in line with the rapid development of
e-Government and the activation of a special account for automated alsdeld service and conversion of the
collection of customs duties and thus facilitate contribute proceeds at MAM Uncle Lei customs to achieve

· Attention and action on the operationalization of the emergency regime
· Provide database and information about the nature of the Treaty.
· Provide a means of communication so rapid and direct towards an orgasm.
· The adoption of simple language to communicate short and quick and clear
· Provide each student numbers I see his fairway or Ranger
· Quickly reporting any source t natural or mortal threat
· Forecast of occurrence of risk is an important part of the security of the us nation website

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